This time I am going to be starting Impatiens from seed.

Impatiens balsam 7022

This is not my first time I will be attempting to plant impatiens seeds, the last time had weak and small little guys.

Growing impatiens seed indoors is a bit harder than planting impatiens seeds and having them grow like magic beans.

It felt good planting in my little homemade greenhouses (and one purchased one). Then putting my little seeds in their little homes on a seed heating mat, and watching them grow.

In retrospect, it seems to be a lot like having children, bringing them into this world is one thing, raising them is entirely different skill set. Good thing I started with seedlings!

The best laid plans

Capt. Nicholas Gardner headstone (36080)

I had a small seedling mat and one of the little greenhouse kits you can buy. I didn’t buy the plugs, I used dirt in the holes. There were little cylinders of soil all nice and warm and sunny. They sprouted, but never really became the robust plants I got in 6 packs at the nursery. Plants came out were leggy and weak.

What went wrong?

Baffled LIGO Scientists

When I asked at the nursery and my friend who has a degree in Agronomy, they both said they are in much smaller containers! They are transplanted about 4 times before they get to the “6 pack” stage. Why transplant 4 times? The reason is that they need a solid base and if the roots stay close and feed, then they are not traveling farther for the BBD 🙂 They eat what they need and need more fertilizer and room and so on and so forth.

What the heck is agronomy?

Agronomy is the science of soil management and crop production.

The new plan

Thinking woman

Well I do not have super tiny little cubes to plant them in. So I am hoping that if I put a small amount of soil in the bottom of my homemade greenhouses I will be able to pop them out and move them to slightly bigger ones. I also made a $7 investment in a plant grow light bulb. I am using it to supplement the natural light in the room the clippings and eventuall seedlings are.

The new journey.

This is all planning, I need to wait until 6 weeks before the final frost. For me that is the begining of March. Seed catalogs are so fun. Seeds are pretty cheap. Don’t forget you will still need room to plant.

Start journey

How to?

So I have different ideas for little greenhouses.

Plastic egg cartons, these are my favorites! Pete and Jerry’s eggs used to come in these cool plastic ones before they switched to a compostable one. Good for them, not for me.

Cookie containers with compostable egg cups from egg cartons! Gonna find a way to use those suckers!!! Not an original idea I saw it on the internet years ago.

I saw a picture on the web that used egg shells as vessels and egg carton to hold them…. I may try 2 or 3 but I think saving the egg shells to be used will be difficult

 That is my latest chapter, stay tuned!!!!

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