Coleus Propagation

While the coleus does have flowers the beauty is in the leaves. I have a host plant that I keep taking clippings off of and making more. This post is going to show you how to overwinter them and have again in the spring.

The perfect time to pinch off  clippings is when your host is getting leggy. I will post on that at a later date. These plants propagate very easily so are a great plant to start.


Here is a clipping along with a double shot glass. I like to use clear glass so that I can see my progress. When rooting make sure any full leaves are removed below the water level, otherwise they will rot, smell and foul the water. Keep your eye on the water levels at this point it will be evaporation that takes the water not the plant. Leave in a sunny location but not so sunny that the water will heat up. Here in the northern hemisphere just about any window that isn’t facing south is good.

It takes about a week and you will see little white hairs sprouting from the submerged steam. This is about 2 weeks worth of growth.

They can last a while in this state, the ones below are about a month old.


This year I am experimenting with reusing old sour cream containers to plant the rooted clippings in to carry them through until spring.


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