There is something satisfying about gardening – to me gardening is any plant life under my care.

How I got here….

It all began in Connecticut where the soil was loam – loam is that perfect mixture of drainage and moisture retention that is the sweet spot for gardens. I just dug holes in the ground and made sure there was adequate water. I was awesome at gardening and could not understand what was so difficult. Such is the way of things when you have no adversity.

I longed for the exotic plants of the tropics that were annuals or way too difficult to grow – I wasn’t going to plant in the spring dig up in the fall and do it again. I moved to the Florida way South Florida, like South-er than Miami my yard literally touched The Everglades. My loam was gone, there is a lot less variety in Florida and the BUGS NEVER STOP. Under the grass of my yard was solid limestone, I couldn’t even amend the soil – there was no soil! Hurrah! Adversity! Wait, what?!

Life goes on and I am back in Connecticut, no loam at my house. When they built it, the contractor took and sold the top soil and put fill back in.


Have to share!

There is a common trait amongst gardeners, we love to share what we have learned, grown and dream of. It is my hope that my adventures in gardening can help others.


In the Future

My hopes for this site is to document my journey, sometimes you forget things like the companion planting thing. Gardening is so satisfying – even more so when starting from cast-offs and snippets!

I am always getting little clippings of interesting plants, some are easy, some are slow, some end in disappointment. I like to start from clippings and seeds for two reasons:

  1. They are cheap
  2. Less disappointment when I fail



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